Successful Placements – GET AHEAD OF THE GAME

“Any Company that is going to make it has got to find a way to engage the mind of every single employee.

If you are not thinking all the time about making every person more valuable you don’t stand a chance.

What’s the alternative? Wasted minds? Uninvolved people? A labour force that’s angry or bored. That doesn’t make sense”

John F Welch

Former CEO

General Electric


Gordon Conolly – Founder of Dalcross Executive Consulting knows this subject.  He has been successfully placing people in jobs now for four decades.

He was sought by Andrew Banks to join Chase Manhattan Banks entry into the Australian market in 1985 and led the Corporate Banking HR team that helped initially start up the new enterprise. He then oversaw the critical business issue of retaining staff from the start up recruitment phase through to successful establishment of the franchise – the last 8 years on the local Chase Australia Board. Retention of key people was a critical factor in the eventual success of establishing the franchise.

Gordon says:“Successful placements ie both external recruiting and especially wise internal selections are absolutely key to successful retention of key staff.”

When in the2000’s he founded Dalcross and QMS, he brought this knowhow to his consulting and executive placements. (see About Us page)

Successful placements are the key to the success of any enterprise providing the key people are retained and that says Gordon depends on “Getting ahead of the game”.

Gordon Conolly at Dalcross can help companies with Successful Placements in two particular ways

1. He can be used to find and place people successfully- the way we do it, which is by ensuring placements match candidate career goals- so if a resignation or termination happens, it is not a successful placement.

WHY is Gordon so well regarded?  Just look at his testimonials and four decades of experience.: he shows interest and explores career with candidates first -It is a visible process to give personal advice, confidentiality, proven skills and knowhow with the tasks sought by his clients and above all trust in delivery

When properly retained Gordon has consistently found the right people for our clients through:

Good networking research, advertising when needed, but above all understanding well what candidates  need for their desired career progression, be they external or internal moves.

This happens through trusted process and by having a “personal touch” and showing genuine interest in their career situation, as well critically- of what the employer is offering by way of role, calibre of people, pay and development.

2. However he can also be used to apply this expertise for institutions as he does with his individual clients, Ie through Career Interviews for companies and institutions wishing to retain their key people via personal interview of inhouse executives

The Career Interview   which is done confidentially but can yield incredibly useful retention and development outcomes.  Contact Gordon about this bottom- line task.

  • Far better to be “ahead of the game” than doing exit interviews after the resignation
  • Far better to get the right person in the role at the beginning

Ring Gordon if successful placements and retention of key people are issues and he will explain his successful process for selection and retention of your key people.

Phone 0412038164



“Gordon was my Head of Human Resources throughout the 1990’s at Chase. His department was one of the pillars around which we built our HR practice and culture. I believe this was one of the key factors contributing to our success in creating our franchise in Australia”

– Scott Reid former Senior Country Officer Chase Manhattan Bank, Australia 1992-2002 – now retired.


“Gordon Conolly and I worked closely together through out the1990’s. As Chase Manhattan Banks Head of HR he made a special contribution to building the Chase business, particularly in the areas of key staff retention and culture. Since establishing his recruiting practice Gordon has brought the same passion, speed of service and professionalism to his successful work with us in a variety of assignments at Bank of America”

– Paul Bartlett former Managing Director and Country Executive Officer Bank of America  March 2005 -now Head of Debt Advisory Deloitte