About Us

“Institutions that are designed and managed in a way that enable their people to discover and reach their potential, are the places the best people want to be ”

Gordon Conolly is the founder of Dalcross Executive Consulting established 2000

Prior to his successful 21+plus year Consulting career, Gordon had 25 years in senior Human Resource line management roles with the significant corporations :

CSR LTD,AGC, CHASE AMP (1985-1991) , Chase Manhattan Bank Australia Pty Ltd ( CMBAL Executive Board Member 1992-2000).

This  career  at senior line level in diverse  industry sectors global investment banking, domestic retail finance, manufacturing, mining

As a consultant he  focussed especially on Investment and Corporate  Banking  and professional service clients( Law, Accounting, IT)

Notable achievements whilst Executive Board Director and Head  of HR  and PR at Chase  include:

  • Helping take Chase Manhattan Australia from zero profitability to 62% ROE and US USD 120 million profit during the 1990s
  • Building successful corporate culture through wise selection process, key staff retention, organisation and job design

He left CMBAL after 15 years to enable him to have more time with his family, but also importantly to focus more on “positive people solutions “

  • In 2000 He founded Dalcross Executive Consulting Pty Ltd
  • He successfully created and delivered  a suite of practical “hands on “Leadership and  People and Career Development Workshops using his extensive experiences at the Executive team member level.
  • In 2003 he established Quadrant Management Solutions (QMS) to facilitate extending his consulting services into recruitment and executive search QMS operated for almost two decades – see the many testimonials
  • Gordon has now decided to focus his time on his major passion which is to help individuals make good career decisions.
  • He says “people leave jobs mainly because they feel a need for change and   this can be about institution strategy, culture, leadership or simply clearer paths to progress to their desired future”.

He has proved time and time again that he can help individuals to make good decisions at such times in their career so that the job they commit to will be consistent with their career vision.

He says: “Many times that does not necessarily mean leaving their current employer- it can often just be accessing the development opportunities that already exist with different strategies.”

This revised Dalcross web page marks a turning point

Gordon Conolly has decided to spend all his working time now helping individuals and companies make good decisions about careers – via two services: Career Advice – Successful Placements.

It means Dalcross clients know they will be dealing directly with Gordon a consultant for whom :

1.  His consistent testimonials show he really does provide great career advice

2. He not only has helped many individuals already but also many significant companies over the last 22 years -see list below

    • Corporate Clients:   Bank of America, Bankwest,
    • Boral , Boroughs Accounting
    • Credit Agricole Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Compukeep, GE Commercial Finance
    • Gells Lawyers,HLB Mann Judd Accountants
    • Independent Systems Integrators Ltd
    • JPMorganChase, Leica Microsystems
    • Link Executive Search
    • MGI Wamstekers Accountants
    • Rawson Resources,Real Insurance Group
    • RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)
    • West LB AG, Westpac

Our values and commitments

Dalcross Executive Consulting is a values-driven business driven by our Vision of providing the best advice and a personal approach to every assignment.

This means we specifically commit to:

  1. Always communicate with our clients in an open and truthful manner
  2. Ensure confidential treatment of both institutional and individual information
  3. Undertake assignments large or small with clear commitment and enthusiasm
  4. Ensure the validity of our reports
  5. Ensure fair and equitable treatment and equal opportunity for all inviduals and clients
  6. Ensure everything we do contributes to the building of long term and mutually rewarding relationships with our clients

However, we also shall decline assignments that are beyond our capability to deliver.