Career Advice


After many years in HR line Functions and then later as a Management Consultant

The Dalcross Founder Gordon Conolly is now personally offering his advice and time on the service he enjoys most –helping people develop their work career so that they create the future they aspire to. This of course is whether they are currently considering external or internal options

Eg thoughts like the following:  Am I in the right place now for my goals’?

Is this the right move for me now? How marketable am I really?

Especially this is so in the changing world of today.

He says to achieve their life vision people must GET AHEAD OF THE GAME and adapt when needed.

That adaptation might involve many options.

It is not surprising that people need assistance and indeed welcome it to create career opportunities for themselves or reassess their existing career and specifically their personal needs.

So dialogue with an experienced and respected career advisor like Gordon can have a hugely positive impact in leveraging his skills and experience to achieve career goals.

Defining career goals and implementing an action plan to achieve results can be a sensitive process for many people. This is a time in one’s life when having a trusted and well -respected advisor is valuable. However the advisor must have relevant skills and experience to be able to add wise counsel as well as techniques to assist the analysis and decision-making process.

This is where Gordon excels. Just browse through his testimonials here gathered over the last 20 years doing this. He is the genuine article and easy to talk to.

He is different to the many young inexperienced recruiters in the market .and is now available himself  24/7 as this is what he wants to focus on now after a long career that has been at Executive Board Director Level  before his consulting  time at QMS and Dalcross.

Quality “Career Advice” and service is such a valuable benefit – indeed it can be a life shaping experience.

Ring Gordon and arrange to meet him now. There is no charge for the initial discussion.  Leave a message if he is on the phone ..he will get back to you personally.

He will explain his approach about personally engaging you in dialogue about your career and help with feedback.

See Crystals testimonial when she started her career using Gordon’s advice and help way back in 2009 and after many years with Credit Agricole in Sydney and London is now in HK  with Standard Chartered.

“Gordon Conolly helped me launch my dream career in investment banking. He stands out from other recruitment agents by his genuine interests in looking into the real person, the quality and potential fit of candidates for his clients. What I appreciate most is his openness and valuable advice from his vast experienced background that I believe will help and benefit anyone in searching for a career move. It has been my honour to meet and learn from Gordon after meeting numerous other agents, large but often over occupied with cases. And I sincerely appreciate his help and support in bridging my career.”

– Crystal Zhou, now Executive Director Leveraged Finance Standard Chartered

THE PHOTO ABOVE TAKEN A DECADE AG0 shows Gordon with the Zhou twins-Crystal and Harmony.