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Leadership Dialogue Programme

Leadership has never been more important and yet in today's incredibly busy work context senior executives are finding it even more difficult to allocate precious time to the critical investment of developing their leadership skills and reflection on their leadership agendas.

To respond to this we have developed a programme of contemporary topics designed to be discussed in two hour sessions.

These include Leading Change, Building Professional Partnerships, Shaping Trust.

The concept is to allow senior executives to participate in professionally facilitated dialogue on key leadership topics, but in small chunks of time so it is 'doable'.

The benefits are:

  • Idea Generation through dialogue by taking the opportunity to share stories and lessons, take the time out to reflect and engage in creative thinking on topics of interest and relevance to your leadership challenges

  • Clear investment in value added leadership skills development through organised learning and development activity on a critical skill affecting your business contribution

  • Exposure to contemporary experience and research from Harvard,Stanford and other significant respected resources but in a user friendly ways

  • Flexible cost effective delivery ie can be organised through 'in house' groups, across industry, with nominated clients or individually on a coaching basis

    For more information please contact Gordon Conolly at Dalcross by phone (02) 99801234 or email to grc@dalcrossconsult.com

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    "Great leadership works through the emotions...when leaders drive emotions positively..they bring out everyones's best. We call this effect resonance....when a leader triggers resonance, you can read it in peoples eyes: they're engaged and they light up"

    Daniel Goleman ,Richard Boyatzis and Annie Mckee -The New Leaders



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