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Dalcross Coaching Services assist, support and encourage executives to find answers to how they can develop and achieve their best.

We assist executives to identify and assess issues that are limiting them or preventing them from reaching their potential and to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

COACHINGThe outcome is to turn knowledge into action and achieve positive results through performance improvement.

Other benefits are better working relationships, greater commitment to the organisation, the motivation and building of teams and managing work/life balance.

The Dalcross Approach begins with a targeted conversation, with shared analysis of issues. As coaches, we promote the self-awareness and knowledge/skill base of the executive through discussion, role-play practise, referred readings and scheduled meetings.

A precis containing the Dalcross approach to executive coaching and a discussion of the issues is contained in a personal letter from Gordon Conolly.

Types of applications

  • One on One Skills Enhancement
  • Introducing Coaching Culture
  • Training Groups of Managers through Dalcross Coaching Workshop
  • Career Discussions Consulting
  • Work Life Balance Issues
  • Career Transition Services

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  • Dalcross Logo - Beyond the Horizon

    "Any company that's going to make it ... has got to find a way to engage the mind of every single employee.

    If you're not thinking all the time about making every person more valuable you don't stand a chance.

    Whats the alternative? Wasted minds? Uninvolved poeple? A labour force thats angry or bored. That doesn't make sense."

    John F Welch Jnr
    General Electric

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