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Key Staff Retention Career Interview

Dalcross advises on strategies and offers the "Career Interview" for key staff.
This enables:

  • Staff to raise issues before they become critical
  • A critical proactive investment job to get done in a professional way within an agreed time-span
  • The employer to take the initiative and encourage creative input


    The Career Interview
    Steps Benefits
    Agree on key staff to be interviewed Issues raised before they become critical
    Agree on consistent Questions format Ideas for staff development surfaced
    Agree on confidentiality rules Employer seen to be taking initiative to encourage creative input
    Conduct "one-on-one's" A critical job gets done i.e. It will happen in a professional way
    Report outcomes

    Sample Report

    Career Training Succession
    A. Personal career preferences B. Training and development needs of your key staffC. Succession for your direct reports
    D. Personal preferences on development and training E. Succession for yourself

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