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Exit Interview Outsourcing

Dalcross expertise in this area enables organisations to receive a professional interviewing service that provides the following benefits:

  • Quality interview and feedback to line sponsors
  • Assured confidentiality
  • Speedy turn around
  • Internal staff not diverted and able to concentrate on investment activity with current staff
  • Dalcross CBD facilities can be used
  • Cost effective ie low per interview charge via retainer

Dalcross Approach

Dalcross consultants are experienced interviewers and HR practitioners. This guarantees not only will we use our time wisely, but we will report outcome of interviews in an accurate but strategically sensitive way ie the departing employee's input will be reported constructively.

Three question areas are tackled in a standard way:

  1. Circumstances/scenarios the employee considers would have caused him/her not to consider leaving.
  2. Constructive comments the employee has to make about the institution and areas for improvement.
  3. The best features of employment at the institution in the eyes of the employee.

Our written reports are included in the costings and we provide periodic overview analysis of exit interview findings to assist planning of HR strategy.

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