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Training Courses:
Career and Development Discussions

Dalcross offers a range of delivery options:

2-Hour Module on Career Discussions

There is emphasis on ensuring managers understand how to get staff members to feel there is genuine interest in hearing their ideas about their career issues.

The positive reinforcement model is introduced and during the two hours, participants are introduced to the concept of creating a visual description of career issues by drawing on their own career.
Conclusions generally emerge about the need to distinguish responsibilities for career by highlighting the need for individuals to take primary ownership whilst receiving encouragement and mentoring support from management.

The importance of summarizing discussion outcomes with use of the positive reinforcement model and an action plan with behaviours to generate and measure the desired career outcomes concludes the module.

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2-Hour Module on Development Discussions

The Dalcross approach is that for effective ongoing dialogue between manager and staff on development and career issues to continue, there needs to be ongoing reference points agreed.

The most obvious ones are around areas of strength and development revealed on the job.

In our courses, we introduce SMART on the job development planning. Our development planning format shows how to analyse major job objectives and the skills, knowledge and experience needed to fulfil those objectives.

Participants practise their technique analysing their own job objectives and doing self assessment on their strengths and areas for development.

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Half Day Course

Designed to assist Managers to develop coaching skills that can be used in development and career planning discussions with staff.

Course Outline

  • Shared Responsibility
  • How Career planning is different from development planning
  • Shaping behaviour model
  • Developing Trust
  • Career Planning Discussions
  • The Career Line
  • SMART on the job development objectives
  • Own job analysis of development issues
  • Alternatives ways of experiencing development
  • Sharing of positive development experiences
  • Development matrix resource
  • Planning personal development activity
  • Company Resources

    Course Outcomes
    At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and have confidence with career and development discussion techniques
  • Understand the importance of shaping positive career and development discussions and how to do it
  • Be able to identify career and development opportunities
  • Be able to plan appropriate career and development activities.

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