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Training Courses:
Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution

1 day course

Course Outcomes
By the end of this course participants will have:

  • Identified their personal response to conflict and the chief causes of conflict in their workplace
  • Increased self-awareness and understood why emotional intelligence is important
  • Understood the goals and styles of conflict management, including the win/win approach
  • Practised the essential communication skills required to deal with conflict objectively and received feedback
  • Practised the processes and strategies for dealing with difficult people in a variety of situations with the use of video
  • Understood the legal obligations both institutions and individuals share in contracts of employment including 3rd party dispute resolution; fair process, duty of care.

    Course Outline
    Why Conflict Arises: Your reaction to conflict; goals of conflict management; styles of managing conflict
    Essential Communication Skills: Open communication skills model; Assertiveness, some techniques including the skill of constructive openness; Negotiation tips, Complaint handling; mediation; The grievance interview.
    Difficult People: Emotional intelligence; Workplace behaviours; Dealing with difficult people; Using positive reinforcement; Foundations for good relations
    Dispute Resolution: Legal obligations, Australian Industrial Law requirements of fair play, duty of care, typical 3rd party dispute settlement processes.
    Two Processes for Managing and Resolving Conflict:

  • Before you take action - a situational approach
  • When you act - the 7-Step SWOT approach.

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    "90% of attendees rated facilitation and material at highest score"

    Conflict Management in Diverse
    BP Solar, November/December 2004.

    "7 Step Counselling approach best part of programme - this is what I was looking for"

    "Facilitator very experienced and knowledgable"

    Conflict Resolution & Fair Conduct
    Feb 2002
    BT Financial Group

    "Gordon and Nancy both very experienced and helpful"

    "Model for "Fair Conduct" excellent. Good tool for managers"

    Conflict Management
    Dec 2001
    BT Financial Group

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