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Training Courses:
So What is Fair Conduct? Dealing with difficult behaviours and issues

1 day course

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to assess confidently "what is fair" in conflict situations with staff and more importantly put "fair conduct" into action.

Designed for
Supervisors, mangers, human resources professionals who are regularly faced with the challenges of considering steps that either will lead to dismissal of an employee or see a turnaround in performance

Benefits of attending

  • Develop an understanding of how to apply Australia's "duty of care" principle to "fair conduct" in difficult situations
  • Learn the Dalcross model of "Fair Conduct"
  • Develop the skill of counselling staff on difficult performance issues by practising using real life case studies
  • Receive practical training that will help protect your organisation against legal recourse

    Course Outline

  • Australian Industrial Law and the "Duty of Care Principle" application
  • Shaping Behaviour Model and its application to Fair Conduct
  • Case study discussion on fair play, reasonableness and satisfying the "not harsh" test
  • 7 Steps of Performance Counselling - the Dalcross SWOT Model
  • Case study practice of counselling employees for performance improvement

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