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Training Courses:
360 Feedback Workshop

2 hour module for executives

The Dalcross mission is to foster cooperation, develop trust and build communities. We have found that 360 Feedback is an excellent tool to help get things done through teams, across hierarchies, borders and cultures. However, it requires trust and leadership behaviours that foster competency in open communications and positive reinforcement.

Harvard Business Review, January 2001

"Companies that have success with these programmes (360) tend to be open to learning and willing to experiment. By laying themselves open to praise and criticism from all directions and by inviting others to do the same they guide their organisation to new capacities for continuous improvement".

The workshop will assist executives in the understanding of interpreting feedback and to help develop planning process within the organisation

Designed for
Executives who participate in 360 feedback programs

Course Outline

  • How to interpret the data - Statistical analysis methods
  • Dealing with typical 360 Feedback reaction
  • How to follow up - skills
  • Integrating 360 with other feedback e.g. appraisals
  • Creating a positive Development plan

    By the end of this Workshop participants will have:

  • Increased self awareness
  • A better understanding and a positive, proactive approach to 360 Feedback, they wil be better at team play, managing diversity and handling matrix management.

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