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Typical People Challenges

Business Issue Challenge
Having to do more with lessHaving people willing & able
ie committed & creative
Implementing change across global culturesEffectiveness with email, video conferencing & collaboration skills
Lack of professionalism and qualityQuality delivery should be self-fulfilling.
Loss of enjoyment and motivationTo feel it is worthwhile.
Poor client satisfactionHaving your associates have a sense of urgency, taking ownership to deliver satisfaction and informing you of progress.
Unsatisfactory team playEliminating turf wars and building common goals, respect and trust within the team.
Profitability not maximisedFocusing energy where it counts most and putting quality resources against the opportunity.
Communication gaps Being able to bridge this through open communication, and applying skill in showing interest and positive reinforcement.
Difficulties in distributing the rewards and profitsFinding an agreed, fair way to handle executive reward and, if relevant, shareholder participation.

Dalcross organisation and people strategies are designed to tailor positive people solutions to these challenges.

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