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Training Courses:
Career Planning Workshops

1 Day course - can be tailored.


Designed to provide the tools and ideas that are needed to facilitate the career development process for staff.

The workshop teaches skills in self-assessment, career exploration, action planning, and strategic implementation of strategies.

The goal of the workshop is to educate participants in a manner that is mindful of the uniqueness of the individual and assist staff to make plans for the future.

Course Outline
Introduction Career Management Programme The Model
Performance Development Link
Career Planning Form
Self Assessment Personality & Attitudes
Skills & Achievements
Motivation, Knowledge & Learning Style
Values, Interests,
Entrepreneurism, Goals
The Career Line Exercise and discussions
Career Models for the 21st Century
Ten Steps to a More Rewarding Career
Mentoring and Networking Occupational Research
Decision Making Career and Personal Objectives
Getting other people's ideas
Community Service Lifelong Learning
Career Planning Discussions
with your Manager
Open Communication Skills
Company Resources

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