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Training Courses:
Career Discussions Workshop

Can be tailored from 2hrs to a full day

Designed to assist Managers to develop coaching skills that can be used in career planning discussions with staff.

Course Outline

  • Shared Responsibility
  • How Career planning is different from development planning
  • The Five Career Planning Stages
  • Developing Trust
  • Career Planning Discussions
  • The Career Line
  • Career Discussion Tools and Guidelines
  • Open Communication Skills
  • Company Resources

    Course Outcomes
    At the end of this course, participants
    will be able to:

  • Use coaching techniques to mentor and guide staff in their career planning
  • Understand the importance of developing relationships with staff
  • Help employee identify career opportunities in their business, and to refer employees to the appropriate services available through HR
  • Provide a reality check for employees in their career aspirations

    Learning Points

  • Employees must take ownership for their own career progression
  • The Manager's role is to coach employees and support them, as appropriate in their career aspirations
  • Resources are available to employees and managers in helping to explore career options and make career moves.

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