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Section A: Consulting Testimonials
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Bill Zenco
IT Consultant 2012

"Gordon has a wealth of knowledge in the HR industry and is a detail oriented person of the highest integrity. He thinks outside the square to add value to his clients which is very much appreciated in today's environment of convergent approaches and has been an asset and a mentor in helping me find employment opportunities in the IT industry. It is a pleasure to work with Gordon, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking his expertise".

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Financial Services industry 2012

"Gordon Conolly helped me materially through his advice to maximise my career options and strategy. His advice was a significant factor in achieving the results I wanted. I can certainly recommend his service".

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Angela Fitzpatrick
Claims Manager 2012

"The Dalcross program has been key in assisting me to formulate goals and objectives and reflect upon past situations with the aim of improving for the future. Gordon Conolly has an excellent understanding of the corporate executive environment and, most importantly, it's inherent challenges. Gordon helped me to better understand my strengths and opportunities for improvement. I found Gordon to be honest, generous with his advice and I felt, importantly that we developed a trusting professional relationship quickly".

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Gaurav Mathur
Business Analyst 2012

"Gordon after I have taken up a strategy and performance analysis role with a commercial insurer. I owe you a big thank you for helping me sort out my career objectives and help identify my possible career paths. I found your comments and analysis to be relevant and insightful. I now feel more in control of my career and it is a very positive feeling".

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Don Shearman
Director Credit Global Corporate bank, August 2011

"Gordon Conolly at QMS was able to correctly and quickly assess my career and credentials. I think his long experience as a senior banker himself, not only enabled him to quickly win my respect, but more importantly enabled him to provide me with the career move I was seeking through his advice and excellent rapport with his client. I can certainly recommend Gordon, as both a career advisor and executive placement consultant”.

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Nara Kaur
Associate Director Credit ,West LB AG June 2011

"I approached Gordon's consultancy initially in 2010 and discussed with him my career aspiration and what I was looking for in my next role. Approximately 12 months after our discussion, I received a call from Gordon about a career opportunity which met my career aspiration. What really impressed me was that he would take the time to go through his database and previous contacts and contact me about the role which was a perfect fit for both myself and my new employer. At all times he kept me up to date about the progress of the interviews and gave me good constructive feedback and advice”.

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Andrew Scott
Manager Project Finance, Global Bank February 2011

"Very few recruitment agents take the time to get to know you, and what you're really about. Throughout the recruitment process, Gordon was thought-provoking, extremely knowledgeable about the finance industry and just a pleasure to deal with”.

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Jonathan Evans
Associate Director Project Finance, February 2011

"Gordon Conolly represented me well as I sought re entry into the Australian market specifically to work on senior project finance deals. He was instrumental in me achieving this goal quickly, putting in a great deal of time to ensure a suitable ‘fit’ for both client and candidate. He maintains a good long-standing relationship with the client and kept me fully informed throughout the process”.

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Lyndee Collis
IT Manager December 2010

"After being retrenched and having the offer to go to Dalcross for career counselling, I was hesitant as I did not feel this would be of any use to me. I did however want my CV looked at and updated. I made the initial meeting to discuss only my CV and very quickly realised that what was on offer (i.e. the Objectives as initially set out by Gordon) would in fact be of great use.

Gordon is very empathetic to those looking for positions and has the skills to make you feel good about yourself and give you the confidence boost you need to know your worth and to go out get it.

I would highly recommend Dalcross services and in particular Gordon Conolly”.

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Tertia Pentz
Creative Graphic Designer October 2010

"Gordon is a terrific person to work with, very professional but at the same time you feel that he is really interested in you as a person and the situation you find yourself in.

His positive coaching method turns a traumatic experience such as redundancy into a "not so scary”.

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Divesh Singh
IT Manager December 2010

"Gordon Conolly is very well experienced and talented in understanding the core issue in a person's career. The questionnaire that Dalcross has is very comprehensive and answering the questions really got me to think about myself from different perspectives. The discussion that followed on the questionnaire were very meaningful and it was very accurate on what and how I should take my next step. Gordon then analyses and discusses in detail on how the next steps should be executed and provides the motivation required to make it happen. The words of advice from Gordon will be useful for me for the rest of my working life. Gordon was even helpful to me in my personal social charity interests”.

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Ian Wang
Financial Accountant August 2010.

"I was impressed by Gordon Conolly’s professional attitude and personal advice on my next career move. His abundant experiences provided a unique vision on my career path and let me feel he is an old friend to give me his advice. I think he is so special compared with other agencies. He can dig out the real quality and potential to fill the vacancy. It was my honor to meet with him and I certainly believe his principles of “best advice and the personal touch” will be greatly beneficial for all candidates who use his agency”.

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Simon Flint
Credit Agricole CIB Australia Limited June 2010.

"Gordon’s approach is unique, not only is he honest and candid but he genuinely takes an interest in the candidate and wants to go the extra mile to ensure the right fit is achieved. The process of changing careers is daunting at best but Gordon ensured the process was seamless. His ability to look at bigger picture was instrumental for me in attaining my ideal position. Gordon was always available and made a point of taking the time to speak to me.

He provided invaluable advice and encouragement in both a professional and personal manner. It was a pleasure to meet Gordon and I cannot thank him enough”.

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Mr John Leece, Senior Partner
Borroughs Chartered Accounting, March 2010.

"Gordon's quality driven approach is intuitive; intellectually resourceful; dynamic. He is pragmatic - gets straight to the issues, discussion and resolution. His robust style is value focused and he is committed to your goals, ensuring his vast experience delivers measurable outcomes. He gives his soul to the work".

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Andrew Matler Chief Executive Officer Independent Systems Integrators (ISI) Pty Ltd. March 2010

"After highly successful consulting engagements in 2002 and 2003 with ISI, we again asked Gordon Conolly to do a mini business review covering all areas. This developed into a very helpful and valuable due diligence. Subsequently he was instrumental in assisting us with the preparing and writing of our 2009/10-business plan approved by the Board in February. His focus on deliverables, timelines and not letting go of the real issues was key to making this a very successful outcome .We now have a signed off Business Plan, which put us ahead of the game Gordon has the rare consulting ability to provide quality business analysis quickly, as well as recommend sensible strategies that can be implemented cost effectively. He always takes ownership and brings passion to his work and is above all fearless and willing to address the tough issues, to the extent he puts himself on the line for the client's goals. Gordon also joins the team on the field and is not a consultant in the commentary box, therefore hands on and thus very helpful."

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Gurdev Singh Accountant Duncan Dovico March 2009

"Gordon Conolly was referred to me in 2008 as a consultant who could help me with my next career move. After our initial discussions he took the initiative and found a role that he was prepared to recommend me for and I was successful in attaining. It has proved to be a great move for me and I therefore am very happy to provide this testimonial advocating his career coaching skills."

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Andrew King Senior Resources Analyst August 2008

"I approached Gordon's consultancy initially in 2007 and later through 2008 for career advice. He has given me a lot of his personal time with real interest even when his advice clearly was not going to help him personally from a fee perspective. He is the genuine article -bringing to his consulting his vision of both 'best advice and a personal touch."

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Tom Pascerella Managing Director and Country Executive Officer, Bank of America Australia, March 2008

"Gordon Conolly and QMS began work at B of A helping me with a key corporate finance placement in 2004 and successfully followed this up with several additional senior placements across a number of our businesses. Gordon is professional and reliable .He differentiates through his long banking and line HR experience. His advice and judgement on candidates to us, has consistently reflected this."

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Luke Stephens Analyst Royal Bank of Scotland February 2008

"Gordon Conolly while providing a professional service added a personal touch in all of our dealings. I believe it is this approach which sets Quadrant Management Solutions apart from the other recruiters I have dealt with in the past. Gordon throughout the process worked with me providing sound advice, which I believe was a critical factor in securing the role with a reputable bank."

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Mark Chan, Associate, GE Commercial Finance, December 2007

"As a result of my details being referred to Gordon Conolly by an associate, I was successfully placed into a role that met my wish to expand into a different area of corporate finance. Unlike your typical recruitment firm, Gordon's emphasis was on providing personal career advice, rather than acting as a headhunter who simply wanted to place a candidate. His commitment to ensuring that my career goals were achieved; constant communication throughout the process; and continuous feedback resulted in me receiving a very high level of professional and personal service."

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Dori Meta Regional Credit Manager Southern Division NSW Portfolio Enhancement Bankwest November 2007

"Gordon Conolly is different to other recruitment consultants as he goes the extra yard or two in getting to know a candidate very well to ensure that there is a good fit between the candidate and the prospective employer. As such he has the advantage of gaining more insight as to the attributes of a candidate than perhaps the candidate himself realises."

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Crystal Zhou Analyst Calyon Investment Bank February 2007

"Gordon Conolly helped me launch my dream career in investment banking. He stands out from other recruitment agents by his genuine interests in looking into the real person, the quality and potential fit of candidates for his clients. What I appreciate most is his openness and valuable advice from his vast experienced background that I believe will help and benefit anyone in searching for a career move.

It has been my honour to meet and learn from Gordon after meeting numerous other agents, large but often over occupied with cases. And I sincerely appreciate his help and support in bridging my career."

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Kent Bird Associate Director Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank November 2006.

"Gordon Conolly at QMS was referred to me by another banking industry contact to assist me in my career choices. I was very impressed that he wanted to get to know me as a person and understand where I wanted to go, not where he could sell me. His approach is extremely professional. What I liked about the service is that I was not another number to be mass marketed. He truly looks for the right opportunity for you. He works with you, is diligent and he particularly differentiates in an over supplied market through the quality of both his consulting and his banking experience and network."

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Grant Palmer Bank of America October 2006.

"Gordon Conolly helped me get into a trading role. I very much appreciated the constant feedback and support he gave. Gordon impressed me with his professional attitude and his personal approach to our dealings. He certainly does put into practice his vision statement, i.e. 'personal touch and best advice' but even more importantly, he got me the opportunity to interview for the job I wanted and quickly."

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Scott Gruber Sales Manager Receivables Finance NSW CBA August 2006.

"Gordon Conolly was instrumental in my placement at CBA. I found his approach professional and appropriate to my circumstances. He provided valuable personal advice, encouragement and above all the right opportunity to help me achieve a successful career outcome."

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Andrew Wheeler Corporate and Investment Banking Analyst, Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank, February 2006.

"Gordon Conolly generally took a personal interest in my welfare and career which differentiates Quadrant Management Solutions from other large recruiters. Gordon was extremely helpful and reliable in gaining employment for me in an area of investment banking that was specifically suited to what I was seeking."

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Ian Morgan Principal IHM Corporate Services , October 2005

"Gordon Conolly at QMS has been extremely helpful in referring my Corporate Governance and Company Secretary professional services. This recently culminated in my contract to assist the Rawson Resources IPO and subsequent successful listing on the Sydney Stock Exchange.

I am happy to commend Gordon for his professionalism, his fair approach to executive contract arrangement a nd the personal touch he brings to his consulting."

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Greg McFarlane Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships Deposits & Transactional Services Bank West, October 2005

"Gordon Conolly was materially helpful in advising me on my next career move and provided wise counsel on my resume, targets and arranging critical interviews. He brings his wide financial sector business experience to his consulting and I have no hesitation recommending his services -he does bring a personal touch and does offer excellent advice."

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Andrew Matler CEO Independent Systems Integrators PTY Ltd (ISI) October 2005

"Gordon Conolly was contracted to work with myself and other line Directors in 2002 and 2003/03. Amongst a range of contributions, he recommended our performance based salary and bonus arrangements for the line directors. I am happy to say 3 years after their introduction, that they have materially removed potential sources of conflict, whilst providing sensible bottom line motivation and challenge and enabling good recognition. The combination of qualitative and quantitative criteria for assessment has been key.

With the benefit of three years experience testing of Gordon's model we can certainly see the upside on a personal and business return perspective and recommend Gordon's input on such matters."

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Meetu Singh, Assistant Vice President Treasury Solutions JPMorgan Australia September 2005

"Gordon Conolly met me shortly after my arrival in Australia. He gave me good career advice and maintained my resume on his confidential database. He later proactively contacted me about an opportunity at JPMorgan, which I subsequently accepted. I therefore feel Gordon operates very professionally and acts out his vision of providing good advice to both his candidate clients as well as the companies he acts for."

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Paul Bartlett, Managing Director & Country Executive Officer, Bank of America, March 2005

"Gordon Conolly and I worked closely together throughout the 1990's. As Chase Manhattan Australia's Head of HR he made a special contribution to building the Chase business, particularly in the areas of key staff retention and culture.

Since establishing his recruiting practice Gordon has brought the same passion, speed of service and professionalism to his successful work with us on a variety of assignments at Bank of America."

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Dermot Stranix, Bank of America, March 2005.

"Gordon gave me a combination of wise counsel and practical support in my search for the right career move. Yes, he is an experienced and skilled HR consultant, but most importantly he seeks to understand the person. He ensures his advice achieves the right career result for the people he deals with and thereby provides great benefit to his company clients. I can certainly commend his services."

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Mr Peter Gell, Senior Partner, Gells Lawyers, January 2005.

"Gordon acted as a facilitator for our Directors Business Strategy Review. His contribution helped us to efficiently discuss and resolve some key issues. We would commend his service and look forward to using him again."

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Mr Matthew Gardiner, Staff Partner
HLB Mann Judd Chartered Accountants, August 2004

"Gordon and Natalie at QMS did excellent work for us. Not only did they get a good result quickly, but they kept us fully informed - we appreciate their professionalism and their straight advice."

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Fred Van Bree, Vice President, Head of Global Human Resources
Leica Microsystems, June 2004

"The work done by Gordon Conolly and Natalie Lohri on this senior HR assignment is first rate. The professionalism of your profiling, short listing judgement and speedy follow through exceeds that I have experienced with my local suppliers. I am very happy with the outcome."

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Scott Copeland, Vice President Futures and Options
JP Morgan, February 2004.

"We used Gordon Conolly to assist with a challenging senior placement. He was able to very quickly produce the right candidate with valuable additional consultant commentary, professional candidate liaison and reference checking-It is a pleasure to deal with Gordon and his team".

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Mr David Young, General Manager
Boral NSW Country Concrete and Quarries, July 2003.

"Gordon's involvement in workshop facilitation and executive coaching this year has tangibly added to our ability to progress our commercial agenda. We look forward to more involvement from Gordon in the near future".

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Mr Peter Gell, Senior Partner
Gells Lawyers, January 2002.

"Gells engaged Gordon and he provided a combination of wise counselling and feedback. We certainly would commend his services".

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Mr Andrew Matler, CEO
Independent Systems Integrators Pty Ltd (ISI), September 2003.

"I have been searching high and low for such advice.I think the things you went through today will become the basis for lots of my work in my Board submissions.

I consider many firms have problems in solving issues with Director and Partner governance and related disputes - which needs some specialist consulting so they can fix their problems and move back to building their business.

Gordon has taken us to a new and better place where all partners are on the same team with a shared vision and objective".

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Mr Ian Douglas, QC
Senior Member of the Victorian Bar, September 2000.

"Gordon Conolly is one of the leading HR practitioners in Australia. The work he did establishing Chase Manhattan Banks' Enterprise Agreement in 1994 and again in 1997, directly with staff, is in my opinion an unique example of close and successful cooperation between management and staff on key employee relations matters".

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Mr Shane Chadwick, Partner
Borough Mazars Accounting Practice, August 2003.

"I found the investment in the Dalcross model worthwhile. I particularly valued the video playback and Gordon's constructive feedback".

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Scott Reid, CEO
Senior Country Officer, Chase Manhattan Bank, Australia, 1992 - 2002

"Gordon was my Head of Human Resources throughout the 1990's at Chase. His Department was one of the pillars around which we build our HR practice and culture. I believe this was one of the key factors contributing to our success in creating our franchise in Australia".

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Cathy Graycon, Director Human Resources
JPMorgan Australia, February 2002.

"Dalcross were engaged on a substantial project in 2001 to firstly redesign and subsequently facilitate a series of twelve two-day management workshops for managers on performance management.

The workshops were delivered in a highly practical and professional way and continuously received excellent feedback.

A testimony to the high regard we have for Dalcross is that we are continuing to use them in 2002 for modular versions of the objective setting and performance counselling skills segments,even though we are in an expense constraints environment"

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July 2003 Borough Mazars
"Very practical and useful"
"The Dalcross 7 step approach is a great model - simple to use and remember. It allows you to address important problems with the confidence that the reaction will be positive."
"Highly relevant and easy to apply."

November 2001 - Adelaide
"Very good workshop.enjoyed having access to someone at your level" - Vice President Investor Services, JPMorgan
"Course very full but thought interaction was really good".
"You learn from the practice of new techniques".
"Really helpful and easier the more you do. I really enjoyed it".

November 2001
"This was more relevant than I expected. I got a lot of direction out of this".
"Role plays give a clear view of how to handle situations".
"Given the importance of this training the various businesses must tolerate having staff out for three days rather than two!".

September 2001
"Role plays focused on real life situation and different approaches that could be used - most effective".
"7-Step Model excellent".

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November 2001
"Overall a very useful and fun course".
"Great that the co-ordinator had a business background - makes the course more relevant for attendees."
"A great course, very interesting and motivating."
"Enjoyed the day, gave me ideas and opened my mind".

October 2001
"We covered a lot of ground in one day with two days worth of material".
"Thought the teaching was excellent and everyone involved and the messages of the day definitely came across".
"Great course. Thanks for all the effort!".

September 2001
"Enjoyed the day and gained some valuable weapons to use in approaching and dealing with managers".
"The facilitator definitely raised some issues I would not have thought of. These issues will be valuable to me going forward".
"It's great to have a facilitator with such experience in HR. Ordinarily it's not possible to have sessions with such senior people. The knowledge offered was brilliant!"

May 2001
"Most beneficial course I've been on."
"Gordon brings a great feel to the training course. His perception to change the thought process and incorporation of trivia allows information to be absorbed."

April 2001
"This was a very useful course - thank you."
"The course was fun and I wouldn't change a thing."
"Very good to have a mixture of serious, fun and open discussion. Gordon is a great presenter."

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January - February 2002 - Asia Pacific JPMorgan
"The recent workshops on objective setting have proven a success ... we briefed Dalcross to be ruthlessly practical, no theory. There was a good focused use of the consultants professional skills." - Dirk Rossey, Regional Executive Learning & Development

March 2002 - Thomson Legal & Regulatory
"Helpful hearing examples of Gordon's experience. Very interesting and also like the examples of what he had read that were relevant".
"It is a topic focused workshop and valuable to all employees".
"Wider distribution throughout company to all people with reporting and management responsibilities recommended".
"Found this helpful. Would assist more junior staff in raising their understanding of setting goals ...and would help develop their management skills".

January 2002 - JP Morgan
"Training in measurements to specifics is good".
"I like the real life examples".
"Presented well".
"Good workshop - not too long and straight to the point".
"Facilitator provided good insight on the connection between objectives and outcomes".
"Constructive workshop with good balance of real life examples from presenter - specific applicable examples".
"Will promote attendance to colleagues".

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December 2004 - BP Solar
"90% of attendees rated facilitation at highest score".

February 2002 - BT Financial Group
"7 Step Counselling approach best part of programme - this is what I was looking for".
"Facilitator very experienced and knowledgeable".

December 2001 - BT Financial Group
"Gordon and Nancy both very experienced and helpful".
"Model for Fair Conduct excellent. Good tool for managers".

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September 2001 Borough Mazars
"Overall very interesting."
"Friendly and informative. Kept everyone involved through each topic".
"This was exceptional! Great energy - did not lose momentum and kept group's interest throughout".

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May and June 2002 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
"Very good presentation"
"Well structured and easy to follow"
"Overall the content was very useful and made me more aware of trying to assess my needs and set out my goals. It was also useful being able to to identify what was required to achieve this-being able to relate this to examples and papers was also useful".
"The case studies were particularly useful and created quite lot of discussion"
"Very well presented"

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